Quality Matters

From waste reduction to recycling, from conservation to reuse... this segment helps ECAs to transition to a more efficient and clean energy future while bringing down cost of production through measures like becoming carbon neutral.

KAIZEN : An effective technique to improve customer value and organization’s profitability

Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to 'continuous improvement' or 'change for the better'. 


Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) is a certification system for MSMEs (ECAs) to certify that the ECA has established a capable system to produce defect-free, world-class quality products from pollution free processes run by competent people. 

Ecofocus: Size no excuse for environmental carelessness

As ECAs acquire centrestate in the Indian industrial landscape, environment norms guiding them will have to be adhered to more strictly. It was only in 2001, that the Central Pollution Control Board 

IMPROVING MANUFACTURING: Time to be mean with waste

Considering India’s all-pervasive poverty, it is curious that Indians are by nature wasteful. Modern day industry, however, allows no room for wasteful ways and companies of all sizes are perforce