People First

People First

There is no business without the right people. Human resource becomes the key mantra and ECAs need to identify ways to retain employees, improve employee satisfaction, identify training needs and avenues and have in place a rewards and recognition system that will ensure HR loyalty and help ECAs win the war for talent.


One can take the horse to the water but making it drink is another story; it certainly is so with safety in the workplace in the Indian scheme of things, especially in the ECA space. 

ECAs and the war for talent

Globally more jobs are created by the small and medium sector, especially in emerging economies. With or without crises, the needs of inclusivity force country managers to focus on SMEs in a bid to ensure policy support to 

HR: Its strategy; not administration

SMEs or emerging corporates have a people ecosystem that is essentially familial. The dynamism comes from individual enthusiasm with the entrepreneur/business leader providing the stewardship and keeping the cauldron of