Mind to Market

Mind to Market

Where are the emerging markets for ECAs and what are routes to capture them using quality, innovation and communication as tools? How do ECAs improve businesses with existing customers? How are ECAs around the world marketing themselves? What marketing tools and methods could they use more profitably? Find out more right here.

The KISS factor: Keep it simple stupid

From Jeff Immelt, the redoubtable GE supremo to Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian cricket captain, many have been talking of keeping things simple. As the management world made things more and more complex 

Marketing mantras for competitive edge

Amongst the most regretted aspects of the ECA/SME space in India is the fact that while it employs around 40 per cent of India's workforce, it contributes only 17 per cent to the Indian GDP. There are obvious constrains 

Magic is in the marketing

Marketing is not always about megabucks and mega advertising spend. It is a matter of getting one’s own house in marketing order; to know one’s product and develop insights how bet to market it; to convert it into