Management Matters

Management Matters

Ecafez logs into government thinking and explains what it means for ECAs. It considers policy and schemes on offer for industry in general and ECAs in particular. It also provides analyses of government development plans with special impact on ECAs. It focuses on management strategies that will help ECAs find their niche in today's world.

The Reserve Bank guide to MSME credit rating

The RBI in its website answers the following questions about credit rating of MSME’s. 

Rating ECAs (MSMEs) for credit

Home Explore Knowledge Bank Management Matters Rating ECAs (MSMEs) for credit Rating ECAs (MSMEs) for credit EmailPrint ecafez The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is the largest job generator 

Scaling ECAs: A six-point agenda for growth

Growth is what all enterprises seek and SMEs/ECAs are no exception. To go by modern management lexicon, the success of these ventures depends largely on "scaling". This refers to the ability of the unit 

Clusterization: unlocking the SME potential

Never mind what modern strategic management says about ‘clusterization’, Indian enterprises are known to have functioned in clusters since time immemorial. Thus there were the kamarpattis, the kumartulis 

Steeling clusters for global growth: Punjab shows the way

Many ECAs in Punjab are steeling themselves for competition at Mandi Gobindgarh, which that has acquired the sobriquet of ‘Steel Town of Punjab’, boasting a Rs 1,145- crore turnover as it stands poised 

Certifications and the pursuit of 'excellence'

At first glance certifications may look like too much of a good thing; a mantra that streamlines a business; makes it grow; makes people productive; wins it customers; takes its exports places… Yet all this is not