Ecafez Specials

Ecafez Specials

Numerous local and global developments are impacting on the ECA landscape. Ecafez focuses on different issues as they appear and prepares ECAs to benefit from the opportunities or take protective guard against threats.

Evolving up the quality rung, being GOOD with quality

Chaplin's brilliant depiction of modern assembly with instruments and arms seemingly fiying all over the place is thankfully a thing of the past with quality conscious and process and systems driven organisations. 

Manufacturing trends impacting the growth engines of the country

India on the digital phase of its reforms programme is poised to become the third-largest economy of the world by 2030. 

Enhancing Global Competitiveness thru Lean Manufacturing

Lean is the term used to describe the production system developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation in the post World War II years. "Lean" comes from the ability to achieve more with less resource, by continuous elimination of waste. 

Manufacturing trends: Impacting the growth engines of the country

India on the digital phase of its reforms programme is poised to become the third-largest economy of the world by 2030. 

India Outlook 2017: A Crisil Analysis

Indeed, 2016 had begun on an ominous note with both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank paring their global growth outlook for the year amid increasing signs of debility in the emerging markets. 


Central/State Goods and Services Tax shall be levied on all intra-State supplies of goods and/or services at the rate specified and collected in such manner as may be prescribed.(sub-section -1) 

ECAs and the Union Budget 2016

The transformative agenda of Union budget 2016. (i) Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare: with focus on doubling farmers' income in five years; (ii) Rural Sector: with emphasis on rural employment and infrastructure; 

Significant steps at Make in India week

The first-ever Make in India Week held in Mumbai between February 13 and 18, 2016 reports significant achievements with more than eight lakh visitors of whom 49,743 were registered delegates from 102 countries who participated in the exposition. 

Is the worst over for Indian steel ?

India’s steel demand is expected to grow by 56 per cent in 2016 and the World Steel Council has predicted that India's steel demand will grow by 7¬8 per cent in the next two years. 

Make in India' initiative and ECA opportunities

With its zero defect + 'magnificent effect' agenda, the Make in India initiative is largely about the MSME space and indigenization across the board. There is little doubt that small businesses with their ubiquitous presence across all segments of the industry 

Era of the brilliant factory

'Make in India' is driving innovative thinking in the manufacturing space with none evolving as well as the 'brilliant factory', which is catching on at the global level. 

From SMEs to ECAs: Business help to take on the world

Not just India, the entire world, driven by the downturn experience, has turned to the small and medium space in the manufacturing sector to transform the economic horizon from gloom to boom, even though the latter 

New Manufacturing Policy & SME support provided to the Indian SMEs

Consider this scenario: giant industrial greenfield townships hosting world-class manufacturing activities; smart Indian SMEs humming with activity and pride as the most wanted enterprises in that ecosystem; a regime that hosts 

What SMEs can expect in the short term (infographic)