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Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) is a certification system for MSMEs

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Lean is the term used to describe the production system developed by the Toyota Motor

Quick Update 

About ZED:

Zero Defect, Zero Effect Scheme

The announcement of Make in India and Zero Defect Zero Effect put in perspective the governments’ intent to change the course of the economy by focusing on manufacturing as an engine of sustained growth. In order to build the ecosystem to implement the idea, three important components emerged as the vehicle for this new transformation:

•The Ease of Doing Business in India.

•The confidence in the quality of source material, components, and services.

•Making available competent human resource drive the change.


While the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion took the responsibility of creating an atmosphere of Ease of doing business, QCI along with the M/o MSME started exploring the idea of creating a holistic scheme to engage the MSME sector, long considered as a propellant for sustained growth, by improving their quality and competitiveness.


ZED was thus born! The ecosystem around ZED model is calibrated to make aware, assess, rate, counsel, handhold, re-assess & certify MSMEs and ensure that they rise up the ZED ladder, thus enhancing their competitiveness in the global marketplace and making them an important cog in the wheel in the “MAKE-IN-INDIA” campaign.

Source :http://www.zed.org.in/

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